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children in foster care. he needs the radio in order to practice with his cd. >> wishes are so personal. >> isn't that beautiful? >> yes. >> these small things make an enormous difference in the life of a child. it's really just a kid being a kid. >> my wish was for a suit so that i could attend a family member's funeral. it meant a lot that someone took the time and they knew that that was important. >> this looks awesome. >> when a child wish is granted, we are reahuring them that their voices are being heard. >> i love you. >> that there is this is big world out there that just wants to wrap their arms around them and protect them, and we need to all step up and do that. >> thanks for watching, have a good weekend. around the world starts right now.
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telling their story after months of political back and forth, the cia operatives are set to testify before congress about the terror attack in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador. >> accused nsa leaker edward snowden making new friends and maybe looking for a new home. germany maybe? >> and unearthed a drug tunnel between mexico and the united states that is so sophisticated, it is being called a supertunnel. we're going to take you on a tour. welcome to around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. welcome to our international viewers with us all week. >> first we're going to get to this, benghazi, libya, it was just last ept, four americans were killed in a terrorist attack. one of them the u.s. ambassador. >> today a lot of pressure from republicans in congress to hear directly from cia operatives who were in libya during the attack and also afterwards. so far they have not talked to congress. >> we here at cnn have reported the cia has specifically told
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those operators to keep quiet. drew griffin is with the cnn investigations unit. drew, first of all, excellent reporting on all of this. they're pushing back right now on what you're reporting. what are they saying? >> being completely transparent the cia director says cnn is wrong, he is not pressuring anybody not to talk to congress and in fact is willing to facilitate and september out a letter facilitating the meeting between his workers in benghazi and congress. be that as it may, members of congress finally are going to get what they want, a face to face meeting with some of the cia contractors on the background in benghazi the night of that terrorist attack last september. >> cnn has learned a house intelligence subcommittee is scheduled to hear from cia security officers in benghazi who are expected to tell a much more detailed story on what went on the night ambassador chris stephens and three others were killed in a terrorist attack. men described by sources to cnn
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as former navy s.e.a.l.s, formerly army special forces and former marines were under contract to guard cia agents on the ground. the security officers were among those who responded when and bass door stephens' compound was attacked on night of september 11th. sources tell cnn they will appear behind closed doors in a classified congressional hearing the week of november rth. members of congress have been trying to get access to them and other actual cia agents but as cnn has been reporting those attempts at least to date have failed. sources tell us only one cia operative who was in benghazi during the attacks has gone before the house intelligence committee. frustrated congressmen have told cnn they have been unsatisfied with the investigation so far conducted by house intelligence committee chairman republican mike rogers. though rogers staff defends the work of the committee previously telling cnn the review has
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included nine full committee hearings, roundtable discussions with some administration officials and interim reports and a vow that the investigation continues. but still, according to sources, only one of the of estimated nearly two dozen cia operatives on the ground has testified before members of congress. fred burton, a former state department diplomatic security agent has written a book about the attack, now being turned into an hbo movie. >> congress as well as the agency are going out of their way to protect whatever it was that they were doing operationally in libya. >> and sources say the cia has been trying to keep its employees quiet. cnn reported earlier that some operatives involved in the agency's missions in libya an complained they have been subjected to frequent even monthly polygraph examinations to find out whether they've spoken to congress or the media according to sources with deep inside knowledge of the agency's
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workings. the cia says this is patently false telling cnn not a single cia officer who was on the ground in benghazi during the attacks has been subjected to any cia polygraph intended to discourage them from speaking to congress or as a retaliation adding that to date, some of these officers have already spoken to the oversight committees on benghazi cnn has heard from congressmen unequipsed they are get the whole truth. one tells cnn on condition of anonymity, we know what the cia tells us they were doing in libya, but it is unclear if we really know what the agency was up to. >> suzanne and michael, at the root of the issue here is the distrust that has been building and growing between republicans in both the house and the senate and the administration. and they feel like they're not getting the whole truth. >> i'm curious about a couple of things. what it is they think these guys are hiding.
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you touched on this in your piece. a couple dozen cia guys hanging around libya. why? >> that is a big question. what was the mission. there's been speculation, quite frankly in the press and other areas that there was some kind of a gun running mission. cia flatly denies that. a senior intelligence official says that's not true. whether or not there will be any testimony to that behind closed doors we don't know the. >> and there's a huge political cost to the obama administration. you've got powerful senators not going to allow nominations to go through unless you have the testimony from those involved on the ground benghazi. where is that going. >> senator lindsey graham has said, we're not going to get your appointees appointed till we get answers and get these people into congress behind closed doors and tell us what the heck happened in benghazi and what they want, suzanne, had he don't want the filtered information, they don't want the administration officials. they want the people who were there telling them in person what the heck happened. >> phil, thank you. excellent reporting
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>> great stuff. really interesting. drew griffin. now news out of russia, edward snowden, you know that name, don't you, wanted for spying living under russia's protection. we just learn this had week a new job working for a russian website. >> looks like the nsa leaker wants to leave russia, go to germany to testify what he knows. yesterday in moscow, snowden had a meeting with germany's foreign minister and the germans are very interested in what snowden has to say about american surveilance programs in europe. >> live in berlin, frederik pleitgen is going to talk to us about that. saying that he wouldn't mind testifying to u.s. congress, testifying to german lawmakers. let's face it, not likely. >> not likely but you should never say never. apparently there were top level hev german politicians and said anybody who could do anything to clarify the situation would be important to hear. the germans still sour about it coming out apparently the nsa
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was wiretapping angela merkel's phone for the past ten years. germ parliamentarian who went to moscow yesterday to meet with snowden and also would like him to testify in germany says the germans should be grateful to snowden. let's listen in to what this politician had to say earlier today. >> translator: millions of communications were accessed. the fact that we even know it's possible that u.s. authorities bugged the chancellor and possible members of parliament maybe from the u.s. embassy. we should be grateful to him. say thank you or otherwise it might still be going on. >> so those are the things that could actually lead to that happening, about but now there is the whole as you said the not likely part to all of this. first of all, the u.s. and germany are still very big allies. the germans are very angry but not that angry at the united
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states. they certainly would not want to jeopardize that relationship. edward snowden would have to give up the safe haven he has right now in russia. the u.s. has already put in a request for his extradition should he come to germany. it is at this point quite unlikely, michael. >> fred, do we know if he were to go to germany, would he request asylum there? >> would he what? i'm sorry. >> would he request asylum from germany? >> well, that's -- that's a very good question. that could be something he might do. there are apparently some provisions in german law if he came here and testified before a germ parliamentary inquiry committee which is something the german parliament set up, apparently there is a paragraph in the law that would not allow germany to then extradite that person to another country. there might be some sort of provisions, some ways to work that. honestly the german government would probably do everything to try and prevent that. german officials have been
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saying go enand again, they're very, very angry but want to clarify the situation. they want an apology from the u.s. and want to move on. they certainly don't want edward snowden to become an issue between the two countries. right now, even his lawyer says with things the way they are right now, he would advise his client to stay in russia, suzanne seve fred pleitgen in germany. just a point of clarification. mr. sfroebler is not the foreign minister. we had that on screen. he's a member of the opposition green party, a bit of a maverick in the german parliament. just want a clarification. >> the new message from the obama administration about u.s. surveilance is in some cases the nsa reached too far. those are the exact words used by secretary of state john kerry. lis. >> and in some cases i acknowledge as has the president some of these actions have reached -- we are going to make sure that does not happen in the future. >> congress moving to limit the
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nsa spying capabilities at least domestically. yesterday the senate intelligence committee approving a bill that focuses on a program which collects metapate data on telephone calls by americans. >> and evan perez is with us from washington. what kind of changes are we talking about specifically? >> well, suzanne, these are very limited changes. they're not, they're still going to be claekting this type of metadata. this is basically you know, information on what numbers you're calling. how long the call took place and that kind of thing. and right now, what the nsa is doing is collecting all of this information on almost every phone call made by u.s. phone customers and it stores this. now, this bill that was approved by the senate intelligence committee yesterday does a couple things. it would, for example, make the nsa publish the number of times that it looks at this data, how often these queries in the data
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result in fbi investigations, for instance. and also to have the court that oversees all of this perhaps have a third party lawyer, someone from outside who can provide some advice that perhaps doesn't come from the government as a way to sort of balance the interests of privacy in these issues. now, all of this is looking at changes on the domestic part of this thing. what secretary kerry was talking about is sort of the international collection by the nsa. and that's not really going to change much under this bill. >> yeah, and i'll jump in there. dealing with criticism of course, the obama administration from overseas about spying on friends in particular the german chancellor angela merkel, when we're looking at the domestic angle, are they going to look at that, as well? >> well, michael, the white house has said they're taking a look. they're going to review all of these programs and to see what they need to do, whether or not
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what the nsa is doing is necessary versus what they're doing just because they can. now, we dote note whether at the end of this review they're going to announce anything publicly about some of these collections. last night, at a an event in baltimore, the head of the nsa, general keith alexander, suggested that you know, maybe the usefulness of some of this collection on world leaders might not be as valuable as the relationships with these countries. for instance, if it's ever found out you know, it might damage diplomatic releases to such an extent that maybe pab you know, doing all of this behind closed doors is not worth it. so you know, we'll see perhap what this turns out. but at this point, i don't see much changing down the road, michael. >> that could be a problem. evan, thanks. we appreciate it. here's more of what we're working on "around the world." a deteriorating situation in
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iraq. renewed violence, motions, gunmen, hundreds of deaths just last month. >> the prime minister is in washington to meet with the president today. he's asking for help. he's asking for things the u.s. was offering a couple of years ago. >> and the mayor of toronto still on the job today but a video reportedly showing him smoking a crack pipe is now in police custody. might turn up in a court hearing later today. >> and it is so sophisticated it's being called a super tunnel. >> you go underground, you're going down. >> a drug tunnel linking mexico and the united states unearthed. we'll take you on a tour when we come back. >> and it is so sophisticated
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welcome back. iraq's prime minister visits the white house soon in the next couple of hours. by most accounts, his country's spiraling towards a meltdown. we've been reporting on that for months now. nuri al malaki would like some help from washington. >> he's asking the united states be for heavy weaponry including apache helicopters, f-16 fighter jets as well as drones. he says he needs it to help fight pete al qaeda's resurgence in the country. many people are saying the iraqi minister is certainly part of the problem. we're covering all sides of the story. we've got brianna keilar at the u.s. angle, arwa damon looking at the worsening violence in iraq. at the white house, brianna, iraq has been very much off the radar for some time for the white house, but clearly, malaki is asking very specifically what he wants from the president. is he likely to get support? >> you know, suzanne, the white house has been open so far to
9:19 am
providing support in terms of intelligence sharing. we heard that from u.s. officials as well as this military equipment. you talked about the fighter jets last week. the iraqi government placed a $600 million order for f-16s. u.s. officials say that is moving forward. as well, they do want the attack helicopters. the u.s. is open to that. americans would be more concerned about the idea perhaps u.s. boots on the ground. that was something that iraq and the u.s. couldn't come to agreement on there being some sort of residual u.s. force in iraq. that seems rather unlikely. what you're hearing is criticism from concerns from the white house as well as from democrats and republicans on capitol hill that even though malaki is asking for these things, part of the problem they feel is he hasn't governed well, he has margin naturalized sunnis, that his government is too dominated by shiites and that that has opened up a situation where there's sectarian division that
9:20 am
is ripe for exploitation by al qaeda and its affiliates in iraq. so i think they're also, you'll be hearing in a way from the white house they'll be pressing malaki to change how he's governor, suzanne and michael. >> appreciate it. >> i want to bring in arwa damon in south africa on assignment at the moment but literally spent years in iraq. arwa, more than 6,000 iraqis killed so far this year, 1,000 last month. the u.s. and iraq have a common enemy in iraq. but i want you to talk about the elephant in the room which brianna touched on. nuri al malaki spurned efforts to keep a u.s. presence in iraq. he's the guy who promised political inclusiveness and reconciliation with the sunnis, provided neither doing the opposite in many ways. that was what opened the door to al qaeda and sunni anger, isn't it? >> reporter: it most certainly, michael, are is what provided the opportunity for al qaeda to
9:21 am
begin to re-emerge in iraq. the violence there has has surged significantly. you can imagine just how traumatising that is for the population that thought that the worst of the violence perhaps was actually something of the past. >> we don't know her age or her name. what we do know is that she and her classmates were at school in a predominantly shia area in northern iraq. a suicide truck bomber exploded outside. the violence never really ended in iraq. much of the recent increase in attacks is blamed on the al qaeda-led group, the islamic state of iraq. the u.s. military used to boast of the success of having broken the terrorist organization's back. but now, nearly two years after the americans fully with drew, al qaeda has undeniably resurrected itself. the country's security forces were never really capable of stabilizing the nation.
9:22 am
especially without u.s. support and technology. and let's not forget that this is a nation where violence and politics go hand in hand. the actions of the shia-led government have made it easy for al qaeda and other sunni extremists to capitalize on the growing discontent, spread their influence and increase their attacks. there have also been retaliatory attacks by the shia against the sunnis and in recent months, the death toll has reached levels not seen in years. the u.n. envoy to iraq called it an accelerated surge in violence. an ache will ration the syrian civil war has helped fuel, blurring battle lines as al qaeda expanded its iraq operation into syria over the summer. >> and iraqi prime minister al malaki has laid the blame for the resurgence of al qaeda due to what is happening in
9:23 am
neighboring syria. but really stabilizing iraq is going to take a political discourse that it would seem at this stage neither he nor the other key players inside have an appetite for. so the challenges are very multilayered, multifacetted because at the end of the day, with or without the war in syria, iraq was already on a downward spiral, michael. >> briefly, you know the place, as well anyone. what, if anything, can the u.s. do? even if they help? when you talk about the blood and treasure that the u.s. expended in iraq, it doesn't have that much regional influence there anymore. there's sort of or else from the u.s. is carries pretty much little weight in the region in general these days. >>. >> exactly. and when it comes to iraq, the government has actually made the very calculated decision that it is, in fact, in their best interests to look to the east to keep iran at bay, to keep the
9:24 am
iranians pleased rather than try to apiece the americans. that is why the u.s. has been so angry at the fact that the iraqis have not really done anything about iranian overflights sending weapons inside syria. the relationship between iraq and the u.s. right now, it's pretty interesting. but at the end of the day, again, it's going to take a lot to really move that country forward because it's a victim of its own dynamics but also a victim of the broader regional dynamics at this stage. >> arwa, thanks so much. arwa damon in johannesburg, appreciate it. >> there were rumors a few months ago. now there is apparently a smoking gun. toronto police say they have a video that reportedly shows the city's mayor smoking a crack pipe. but the mayor, he is digging in his heels. he denies smoking crack and says he will not resign. got a live report up next. [ male announcer ] this is pam.
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when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ interesting story. toronto's mayor is refusing to resign even though police have recovered a video that reportedly appears to show him smoking crack cocaine. now, mayor rob ford has not been charged with anything. he has repeatedly denied using crack. >> but the outrage over the allegations is growing. ivan watson is covering the story for us from new york. we first heard reports of this video what, six months ago. but he said it didn't exist. police now confirming its existence. how did they do that? >> well, there's been a massive investigation it looks like, and
9:29 am
the police on thursday, michael, released this enormous report that we're still sifting through. more than 400 pages into narcotics and drug gangs and mayor ford, he appears repeatedly throughout this report. what's interesting here is both what it says about him and what it doesn't say. for example, in the report, there's a section where the police investigators say they're investigating allegations that there is this video out of mayor ford smoking what looks like crack cocaine. and then they say this is what we've learned about that. and then the next ten pages are blacked out, redacted. we're not allowed to see what happened there. but the police commissioner in toronto has made it clear that there is a video that was recovered from a hard drive video that had been deleted and
9:30 am
they managed to recover it and that this video, he wouldn't go into detail is consistent with the press reports from the toronto star, for example, that says the reporters say they've seen mayor ford smoking what looks like crack. mikele? >> ivan, we know this is considered somewhat of a bombshell discovery. you also have in this investigation surveilance photos from the police that also show the mayor not behaving well in addition to this. what do woo see him doing? >> yeah, this he were following one of his friends and sometimes driver, a man named and dro leasy who was released on bail today just about an hour or so ago after being arrested on charges of extortion. and in these videos and these photos that have been taken from surveilance, you see them meeting, exchanging packages in the past. one incident it shows them getting together in mayor ford's car. mayor ford then steps out of the
9:31 am
car and proceeds to urinate publicly next to basically an elementary school, throws something into the garbage. the police officers recover that evidence. and they a that they found in the bag that he threw away a bottle of iceberg vodka, a bottle of russian prince vodka and some mcdonald's receipts. this is not necessarily the kind of behavior that i think torontoians would want to see of their elected mayor and in fact, the police chief of toronto in a press conference on thursday said not only is he disappointed, but he also thinks that toronto citizens are traumatized by what this is doing to the reputation of their city. >> yeah. >> ivan, thanks so much. what a case, ivan watson there in new york. >> see if he survives the trouble he's in. >> he's been saying no, no, no, for a long time. it's interesting. >> this halloween exhibit 1, 2, and 3, might look like ordinary pumpkins, right? but they are definitely not. police in canada say they were
9:32 am
stuffed full of cocaine. >> trick-or-treat or coke. the pumpkins were seized at the montreal airport from a passenger's luggage. police say the suspect was a woman, no other details released yet. and a passageway to big profits now discovered. a drug tunnel linking mexico and the united states is now unearthed. it is so sophisticated it's being called a supertunnel. we're going to take you on a tour, up next. so there i was again, explaining my moderate to severe
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this is a horrible story. the government of niger is going to be holding three days of national mourning for a desert tragedy we told but yesterday. 929my grans most of them women and children, perished, when their vehicles broke down as they tried to cross the sahara desert. >> niger is one of the poorest corrupts in the world and the group was trying to reach algeria in hopes for a better life. the government says it is "profoundly moved by this tragedy." i.c.e. agents and customs enforcement have now sealed a sophisticated drug tunnel between tijuana and san diego. >> this time they found the tunnel before smugglers could make use of it. drug cartels spend a fortune on these projects and this one had an electric rail and cart system. it had ventilation and lighting. >> agents seized more than eight
9:37 am
tons of marijuana and 325 pounds of cocaine. miguel or tez is in otay mesa, california. >> this is the door agents burst down. behind that is where the tunnel ended on the u.s. side of the border. 600 yards or so south of where we're standing in mexico just a few feet from the border there is another hole that goes into the ground and where this tunnel zig-zags its way to this point here. it always seems to be in a nondescript warehouse area, these tunnels because they are just along the border. the three individuals who have been arrested are described as sort of small fish in this tunnel diggers and transportation types, but law enforcement says the investigation's only beginning and they hope there will be more arrests. >> i would offer this to the drug cartels. we are by no means finished here. and don't say we didn't warn you. you go underground, you're going
9:38 am
down. >> law enforcement officials also say the sinaloa cartel was responsible for building the tunnel. the fact there was cocaine was found is significant because they believe the cartels are getting more desperate to get coke and hard drugs in. the amount of hard drugs coming into the san diego and southern california region has grown in recent years. cocaine, heroin and meth amphetamine all on the rise here. the prices for the drugs decline. so they're not getting the price spikes you would expect if you have these big busts. the big message from law enforcement is whether you're going under the border, over it in ultralight planes as they are been doing a lot more in recent years or around it by ocean and boats farther and farther up the california coast, that they be surveilled and they will be busted. miguel marquez, cnn, otay mesa, california. >> did israeli conduct an air strike this week on syria? it depends whom you ask. the united states says yes. what israel is saying or not
9:39 am
saying. going to go live to jerusalem up next. 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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welcome back to "around the world" and now some of the other stories we are following for you today. germany taking pressure off the parents of newborns who show characteristics of both sexes. a major development really. instead of "f" for free mail or m for male, parents can leave the gender blank on birth certificates for children of indeterminate sex. >> the idea is to avoid rush decisions on sex assignment surgery. it is rare, but not that the rare. this happens in one in 2,000 births. israeli warplanes launched a strike inside syria this week. an obama administration official tells cnn they attacked a
9:43 am
military base but israel is not con fiping anything. matthew chance is in jerusalem. what do we understand about the timing of this and what the israelis are saying? >> reporter: well, the israelis aren't saying anything, being very tight-lipped what they did and didn't do.. the syrians aren't saying anything about this incident either. but the confirmation has come to us from u.s. officials basically saying they believe israeli warplanes carried out this strike on wednesday evening against a missile miff facility in the town of la tacke to the northwest of damascus striking at what they say were missiles and related equipment that might have been transferred to the lebanese shiite militia group hezbollah. the whole incident is perhaps casting the spotlight on the extent to which israel is being drawn into the conflict in syria. it's not the first time that israel has been accused of carrying out strikes, indeed, back in january, u.s. officials
9:44 am
again said that israeli warplanes had carried out a strike against the convoy of missiles or a convoy of weapons, that they believed were being transferred to hezbollah in southern lebanon, as well. again, israel not confirming that either. what it has said publicly is that it does have a red line, a number of red lines. one of them is the transfer of sophisticated weaponry to hezbollah in southern lebanon where they believe they could be used against israel. they've said they won't take sides in the syrian conflict but will act if they believe such a transfer is going ahead. it looks like this attack -- >> this is cc breaking news. >> interrupting matthew there reporting from jerusalem because we're getting word of a shooting incident at los angeles international airport. l.a.x. aerials coming from affiliate
9:45 am
kabc. an incident let's call this one. not sure of the details at the moment. >> what we're looking at are these aerials what seems to be officers, it looks like law enforcement officials, are some it's hard to see. it looked like they had at some point had pulled weapons but you see there's a firefighter there, as well who seems to be talking with law enforcement officials. we are also looking at what seems to be the parking lot that is in the area. again, we are just getting word that there are evacuations taking place outside. people are coming outside of the airport because of a warning that the airport is giving to those who are inside of a potential incident, and we believe it could be a shooting incident. >> yeah. what we have from the official twitter account of the los angeles international airport is this. a tweet in its entirety reads they, and this is pretty much all we know "there is an
9:46 am
incident under way at l.a.x. law enforcement is on the scene. more information to follow." so that's pretty much all we've got at the moment. you can see emergency services responding there at the moment. fire, paramedics on scene, police, as well. >> we just saw moments ago what looked like law enforcement officials with their weapons drawn that they were -- in the parking lot, that they must have had some sort of information that potentially there was a threat in the area to have their weapons drawn as they had. they were huddled. it was a small group of law enforcement officials who were there. you can see them also walking. we've got a number of cruisers there. it looks like the traffic pretty much, it's pretty sparse. but we see the firefighters and they're just beginning to mobilize to assemble to figure out what is taking place there. we do know that they have called
9:47 am
for people to evacuate and that there were people at least running in the scene. we don't have a sense of whether or not there are any injuries but do know that there is something that is taking place at the airport that has brought a number of officials. what it looks like is somebody has been loaded on to that gurney. >> we can say that that tweet from the officials at l.a.x. was all we had officially. but there have been reports on social media of gunshots. that we cannot independently confirm but there have been social media reports of gunfire. we're keeping an eye on it at the moment. we'll bring you any more details as we get them, of course. >> it seems to be, as if it looks like one of the people that they load on that gurney might be in uniform, that that might be a law enforcement officer. let's listen in to the chopper pilot. >> the person was in a
9:48 am
wheelchair but again, this is all this particular scene is breaking right outside of terminal 2. so nowhere near the parking structure for terminal 3. so we don't know. maybe this is a medical condition of one of the folks coming out of terminal 2. we don't know at this point. it appears one person does have some sort of a medical condition that does require transport. that is about what we know at this point. >> so we are watching now. we just heard from the chopper pilot there who was talking about this individual here, this is outside of terminal 2 that one person in the wheelchair you see wearing the red has been escorted and is going to be looks like is going to be taken away from the scene. we're not exactly sure what the condition of this individual is
9:49 am
or what took place inside of the airport. but that is what he was talking about. you see it from the aerial shot from kab -- well now kcal, we're looking at other pictures. about you, all right. we have just been told that this is at least a third person who is being attended to at the airport. the incident is really unknown. we have very little details about it, but we did see one picture of an individual in a wheelchair wearing red being taken away. another person who apparently looked like they were in some sort of uniform perhaps a law enforcement official who had also been treated, as well. >> yeah, we also are hearing from the lapd, the los angeles police department that shots were the heard at the l.a.x. the los angeles airport police department is handling this at the moment. the l.a.x. police sergeant
9:50 am
belinda nettls quote spoken to by cn nsaid there is anent at l.a.x. evacuations are under way. if this is -- we heard from the chopper pilot outside terminal 2. a mix of airlines fly from out of there. there's some local airlines, but also some international ones fly out of there, air canada, air china, air france, air new dezealand and the like, klm and virgin atlantic but also local airlines, as well fly out of that particular terminal. this is one of -- this is one of the busiest of airports in the world. >> we're also getting some word here that confirms that at least that they understand that there were some shots that were heard. they have very little information at the time. but what we're looking at is there leading up to the airport. they're just beginning to
9:51 am
assemble law enforcement officials. there's some taxis and they've cleared out the area. there's been an evacuation of the airport. it does look like it's pretty sparse about, but from the other side of the screen, you see that there are medics on the scene. there are at least three individuals that we know of that are being tended to. we're not exactly sure what took place inside of the airport. but at least three individuals are being tended to. one of them was in a wheelchair. >> yeah, this is one of the bigger terminals at l.a.x. of course, you've got the tom bradley international terminal familiar to many people who fly from there to destinations overseas. and this particular terminal, terminal 2 as we said, is a mixture of international airlines and a couple of domestic ones, as well on that side of the airport. you have terminals 1, 2, and 3. in a line. and then at the end of that, is the international terminal if you're familiar with it and on the other side of the airport
9:52 am
you have the other terminals, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on. extremely big and busy airport. not sure what these responders are doing there. perhaps setting up tents or something for forensics. it's difficult to know. what we do know is according to reports, shots fired, shots heard at l.a.x. we believe this is outside terminal 2. and we have seen several people brought out. why we don't know what their condition is. >> and michael, we're getting some detail about one of the individuals who was injured in this incident here here. he looked like he was wearing some sort of uniform potentially a tsa worker. we are told that they have to cut his shirt, that he had blood all over him. but that his shirt was cut and that he is being tenned to. that was the person who looked like they might have worked for the tsa. but what you see here what we're
9:53 am
looking at live pictures of people who are -- it looks quite calm as they are evacuating the airport. i believe this is outside of terminal 2. and a lot of people in wheelchairs, but it looks like it is a very orderly procession out of the airport as they evacuate those who were apparently close to this incident. >> of course, it was only a couple of weeks ago, l.a.x. was in the news with those dry ice bombs. that incident was of course, sorted out. and a person arrested over that. >> again, if you're just joining us here, this is breaking news on cnn. this is out of los angeles. this is l.a. x., a very large airport. used throughout, of course, for international as well as domestic travel. there's a report of an incident, a potential shooting that took
9:54 am
place. this is outside of terminal 2. we have seen at least three individuals who are being tended to, one of them who was being wheeled away in a wheelchair. another individual who was wearing some sort of law enforcement uniform potentially tsa employee whose shirt had been cut off because of all of the blood. that's according to someone who was on the ground, and you see the pictures there as they are setting up potentially for a triage situation or just to prepare for potentially for. >> there's a tsa. >> the worst. >> officer there. by the look of it, a tsa uniform. yeah. we'll get off that. there are emergency responders in action there. it's clearly a very active situation at l.a.x. you're seeing pictures elsewhere
9:55 am
of another person being brought out on a wheelchair and being brought out in a bit of a hurry too with armed responders escorting him to medical assistance. it's obviously still a very fluid situation. there's a lot of emergency service personnel there in first responders. we're seeing a lot of police cars. a lot of ambulances. pair are medics. >> and one of the things we also saw was people who were evacuating on foot and also by wheelchair. there's a shuttle bus, of course, that runs between the terminals. and it helps get the travelers getting one from terminal to another. we had a gentleman talking about terminal 3. we understand that this potential shooting incident was outside of terminal 2. you saw somebody who was just running from the scene. but overall, it does not look
9:56 am
like people are panicked in any way. it looks like they're tending to another person who they are putting into the ambulance there. so not a sense of just how big this incident was. >> certainly multiple people being treated for reasons we're not sure of at the moment obviously. some of them could be medical unrelated reasons. but reports of shots fired at los angeles international airport. let's listen again to the pilot of in this news chopper. >> the agent being wheeled from 3 over to 2 is hopefully being cared for and treated by these paramedics. seven, i do have you there. got you. oka okay. >> all right. a bit of a frantic scene there. now we've seen a couple of other people brought out.
9:57 am
one brought down from the area of terminal 3, which naturally neighbors terminal 2. we saw somebody else coming out of 2 earlier and then somebody being brought down in a wheelchair in a big hurry from the area of terminal 2 being brought down by armed what looked like s.w.a.t. police. now you can see emergency worker loading somebody else into al ambulance. >> we've also seen, as well, i'm not exactly sure what the purpose of this is, but they're just getting organized on the ground here. but you see they laid out three different colored tarps, a red, yellow and a green. obviously they are trying to organize as best as they can and figure out what has taken place inside of the airport. and how to best manage this situation that is very fluid at the time. we saw -- you see the three tarps set out there just outside of that terminal. we saw earlier at least 50 to 60
9:58 am
individuals who were evacuating the airport, very calmly, very orderly. so it's not exactly clear just how -- what the tone is on the ground there. but you see three law enforcement officials again right outside of the terminal. earlier, we actually saw one with his weapon drawn who was seemed to be looking around in the parking lot for someone. it certainly was on a high state of alert because his weapon was drawn but it certainly looks like from our vantage point at least here relatively calm it's hard to know what's faking place inside. >> yeah, exactly. as we look there at what we believe is the area of terminal 2, and next to that will further just on the other side there is terminal 3. and just past that is terminal very familiar to international viewers, the international terminal where hundreds of flights go through, thousands of
9:59 am
passengers every day. terminal 2 itself has a mixture of international and domestic airlines flying out of it, if indeed terminal 2 is where this is focused. it's difficult to tell. one of the victims seemed to be coming from the area of terminal 3. >> just to reset if you're joining us now, this is breaking news. these are shots fired at the los angeles airport. l.a.x. as it is known. there are hundreds and hundreds of flights and passengers that travel through this very busy airport. there's been an evacuation. and you see here. >> yeah, coming off -- coming onto the tarmac obviously being evacuated airside by the look of it, just to get them out of that terminal being brought down airside and then taken away from there. passengers who probably were inside waiting for their flights. >> all right. at least three people injured in in that we know. want to hand over our coverage
10:00 am
to our colleague wolf blitzer who's got more information about what is taking place on the ground. >> suzanne and michael, guys, thanks very much. we're following the breaking news, very disturbing information coming out of l.a.x., the los angeles international airport. shots were heard, shots were fired. we're told about a half an hour or so ago, 9:30 a.m. pacific time. that would be 12:30 p.m. here on the east coast. about a half an hour or so ago, this incident apparently started with the shots fired. there are injuries. we've seen people evacuated. and we've sign people who have been injured. we have no idea what caused the shots to be fired. we do know that as a precaution, as they always do at these kinds of incidents, authorities are taking precautions and evacuating the terminal. we believe it's terminal 3 at l.a.x. if you're familiar with l.a.x., this is a huge terminal. this is a huge

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